Our primary priority is to ensure that our children continue their academic, social, cultural and sports development in a healthy way.
Our pre-school, primary and middle school campus is located on a 3400 m2 land with B1, B2 floors and terrace floors. It has 9000 m2 closed, 2500 m2 open area and consists of playgrounds. Natural ventilation and air conditioning systems are available in all departments including B1, B2.
Classrooms: All classrooms are on ground floor and floors 1-2-3-4-5. The floors are each 41 m2 and natural ventilation (sun area) is available. In all of our classrooms there is an interactive board, a book and a tool cabinet for each student and panels with enough space.
Atatürk Culture Hall: It is on B1 floor. With a capacity of 330 people, our hall is an area where teachers and students can exhibit all kinds of cultural and artistic activities. It is equipped with advanced sound and light technologies.
Kitchen and dining hall: They are on B1 floor. Kindergarten and 1st grade students benefit from breakfast, lunch and afternoon breakfast, while all students benefit from lunch and afternoon breakfast from the second grade. The aim of the afternoon breakfast is to prevent our students from going to the canteen and to fight obesity. Kitchen and dining hall are one of the areas we care about. All areas in our kitchen including food, pastry, cold weather, dry food stores are modern and high-level hygiene departments. We do not allow any food (processed food) to be offered to our students beyond our control. That is why our own chefs cook the food in our own kitchen. Our full-time food experts supervise every food produced in the kitchen until the student is placed on the serving plate. Food calorie calculations are made by our food expert.

Canteen: In floor B1. Products without expiration date label are not provided. Foods that are not proper for sanitary requirements and fizzy drinks are not sold. The limits of the money that our students spend are determined by our school. Their spending are controlled.
Stationer: In floor B1. Our students and parents can supply their needs like school uniform and training materials.
Indoor Sports Hall: Ceiling heights of B1 and B2 floors are used. It’s floor and walls are designed against possible injuries. It’s ceiling height is 9.40 meters,it is stretch ceiling, and olimpic measurements. Basketball, volleyball, handball, and mini-tennis areas are here.
Swimming Pool: In floor B2. It is semi olimpic, and has 3 lanes. It is the only one swimming pool that has underfloor heating among the schools in Antalya. There are showers and changing rooms in one side for female students, and in the other side for male students. There are employees in both sides for helping students to get dressed, and take a shower.
Ice Rink: In floor B2. This is the first ice rink among the Antalya schools. It is 125 m2. Skating is taught according to the techniques, and under the control of a professional teacher.
Instrument Classrooms: In floor B2.
Piano Room: There are 8 pianos. The room is fully-equipped.
Guitar Room: There are 12 guitars. The room is fully-equipped.
Violin Room: There are 8 violins. The room is fully-equipped.

Percussion instruments practice rooms: there are six drum sets and other instruments.

3D saloon is in floor B2. 3D saloon is a room which hosts 600 videos that can be watched using 3D glasses. The videos ranging from Life Science to Science, Maths to Social Studies are compatible with Turkish curriculum. This area is one of our areas that contributes to full learning.

Technology and design atelier: It’s one of the most important centers of project-based working.

Ballet, dance and drama saloon: It is in floor B2. This is a saloon which has been arranged accordingly the standards of ballet, dance and drama practises.

Table tennis: It is an area hosting table tennis equipment.

Garden: Garden is the area between primary and secondary school buildings. Including the couryard, garden is an area of 2500 m2. In our garden through which our students enter the school, we have ceremony area, Ataturk effigy, flagpole, basketball hoops and an organised playground.

Courtyard: Courtyard is an area of 400 m2. It has got 4x4 chess board and street games.


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Anadolu Lisesi
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