In 2009, our board members child development specialist Ayşegül DERMUT and civil engineer Sarper DERMUT opened the first AKD school in Turkey, Lara. Their successful works and parents’ satisfaction has led them to build Antalya American Culture College Inc. Educational Institution AKANT Primary, Secondary and Anatolian High School projects.
Our Board of Management has started with the motto “Now, for the tomorrow..” in 2013.
On 30th August 2013 Antalya American Culture College Inc./AKANT Schools establishing began by the groundbreaking of the school building. 4 months long Research & Development has allowed us to determine the vision and mission, research the most beneficial way to apply edicational programs, and decide the school’s system and principles. Later, the the teaching staff who will be able to apply the system with the principles were completed.
In August 2014, “We Consciousness” was constituted with teacher orientations, seminars, conferences and workshops before meeting with the students and parents.
After meeting with our students in orientation week and introduce them our schools’s principles, rules and educational system, we have started our first academic year with great excitement and happiness.
In our campus, there are total 40 classrooms including the primary and secondary schools. There are 5 classes in each grade with 24 students each. Our classrooms include interactive boards. Apart from the classrooms, the school also has Game and Drama rooms, 3D IT room, Science and Computer labs, Foreign Languages and Music classrooms, Ballet and Modern Dance rooms, Visual Arts atelier, indoor sports hall, indoor swimming pool, GEMS (Great Exploration Maths and Sciences) and Mind Games studio, separate instruments classes, library and Conference Hall.


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Main Campus
Meydan Kavağı Mah. 1595 Sokak No:8 Muratpaşa /ANTALYA

Telephone: +90 (242) 312 1100

Fax: +90 (242) 321 6006

Anadolu Lisesi
Meydan Kavağı Mah. 1595 Sokak No:18 Muratpaşa /ANTALYA

Telephone: +90 (242) 312 3222

Fax : +90 (242) 312 9222